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Alarm over piracy figures
NUMAST has expressed alarm at new figures showing an increase in violent attacks on seafarers during the first half of this year.

A new report from the International Maritime Bureau has revealed a sharp rise in maritime piracy cases in which seafarers have been killed, injured, kidnapped and assaulted.

According to the IMB, the first six months of 2006 witnessed a total of 127 attacks on shipping throughout the world – the same figure as in the first half of last year.

There were 74 cases in which ships were boarded by pirates, and 11 in which ships were hijacked. A total of 156 crew were taken hostage, 13 crew kidnapped and six crew killed.

NUMAST says the statistics underline the continuing need for concerted action to combat piracy and the wider threat of terrorist attacks on shipping. At a time when a Hollywood movie is topping the charts, the Union has backed the IMB in pointing to the ‘brutal reality’ of present-day piracy.

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Sept 2006

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11 April 2006
Sale of NUMAST merchandise

Sale of NUMAST merchandise

13 December 2005
Piracy inquiry to be launched in the new year
Following a number of high-profile incidents, the House of Commons Transport Committee is to launch a short inquiry into the problem of piracy on the high seas.

02 December 2005
ITF affiliates' statement on Irish Ferries/SIPTU dispute

Seafarers employed on Irish Ferries' vessels in Holyhead and Pembroke Docks have sought assistance and advice from the International Transport Workers' Federation and its respective affiliate trade unions, including NUMAST, but they have continually been denied access to the vessels by Irish Ferries and the Milford Haven Port Authority.

02 December 2005
European shipowners refuse to commit on he promotion of European seafarers' employment

Maritime unions have condemned European shipowners for refusing to back proposals to safeguard seafaring employment within the Community.

28 November 2005
Union calls for Irish Ferries inquiry
NUMAST is calling for an inquiry into the way in which private security personnel were ‘smuggled’ onto two Irish Ferries vessels in a dispute over plans to introduce low-cost crews.

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