The union

As a independent union we seak to protect the rights of maritime professional. Going out at sea is always an adventure, their are many risks as we face nature in one of it’s most powerfull ways. Many have died and disapeared out at sea by accident, non lucky or bad apreciation of the weather conditions. Our goal is to make sure we get quality jobs, defend our pay and conditions.

Shipping business

Most people are not aware but boats and sailors are still around and very important. Cargo boats are one of the main ressources transport of our times. Planes are faster but they cannot carry so much and they cost much more.

Piracy risks

In the marine history there has always been pirates,  when we talk of pirates everyone thinks of men who fought with swords and canons and think that was a long time ago. However there still are pirates, they are after the same think : goods and money, they simply use different weapons and are just as dangerous . Recently stories have been written about the pirates on the coasts of South Africa and in China. These are people who are extremely  dangerous, they have nothing to lose and will not hesitate to execute hostages. Because they attack using small and quick boats it is hard to defend against them. And they often out number the crew since crews on cargo ships are often quite small. Therefore Piracy is real, it is a menace to our profession and to our lives. Security measures must be taken by compagnies or even contrys to protect the cargos and the goods they are carrying

Oil cargos

There are a lot of oil cargos travelling on the sea’s and there have been several cases of very bad accidents which have polluted the water and killed thousands of animals such as fish, seagulls and other birds. They accidents are often due to very bad weather conditions, elements over which we do not have any control.