The biggest finishing country is China which covers about a third of the worlds production. However they do not always apply finishing regulations. For example they fish a lot of sharks to get their fins which is very nice when made into a soup. But to same expenses what they often do is once they have caught a shark they cut of it’s fins while it is stil alive and then simply through the poor animal back in the water. It will then suffer a lot of pain and will not be able to swim any more. Therefore it will sink and die of starvation. That is a horrible death. A lot of the chinese fisherman seem to ignore the rules and regulations in order to gain more profit and therefore get enough money to feed there familys. Something must be done, but how can we fight this phenomena ? A good way to start would to encourage China to help these fisherman and also impose stricter controls.

Whale fishing

China is also known to fish a lot of whales. Something that organisations such as green peace are vary opposed to. Fisher man often over fish this already small population of animals. And they are often killed in cruel ways.

Over fishing

This has become a big problem recently. As the demand expands more fishing gets done. But the rate is too high. Some species can get extinct if such serious fishing is not stop. Several radical measures have been taken by countrys in the past years. There was for example a very strick regulation or even ban on Cod fishing. This resulted in many countrys not being able to serve that fish. However it is better that way. By being too greedy we could eradicate most fish and then end up with nothing. That would be a bigger problem.